What Is Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing or Crystal Therapy has been around for thousands of years, Legend has it that Crystal Healing was prevalent during the Lemuria and Atlantis Civilizations.

Crystal Healing utilizes the vibrational and spiritual energy of specific crystals to assist the body to heal. It is believed that many illnesses are caused by stress, inbalance, and blocked chakras or energy centers in the body.  

The concept of Crystal Healing is that by placing specific crystals on or near the body, the crystals assists in re-aligning the body’s energy in order to relieve stress, balance, unblock chakras and therefore heal the body. The molecular structure of the crystal acts as a pattern for the body to follow which allows the human energy field to adjust, unblock and balance itself.

Crystal Healing is administered by placing the specific crystals on or near the client’s body. The client is always fully clothed. The client is in a lying down or in a seated position. The session is 30 minutes long and promotes deep relaxation and healing.

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